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Mobile app for model and drawing access

No description provided
Guest over 6 years ago in Mobile app / Viewer 1 Planning to implement

Color code MEP systems in the viewer

abilty to bring in the existing color coding from the model with the IFC or have the viewer be able to select a specific MEP system to color code.
Guest about 2 months ago in Viewer 0 Future consideration
155 VOTE

Compare model versions

Compare model versions for changes related to both geometries and data
Carl Veillette over 6 years ago in Viewer 4 Future consideration

Ability to turn on multiple sheets in the web viewer

Allowing users to turn on multiple sheets in the view would let them overlay various discipline drawings on top of each other for use in coordination, useful when models aren't available. Also if sheets are for specific "areas" of the building it ...
Guest 11 months ago in Viewer 0 Future consideration

Provide a zoom window feature in the new viewer for large civil projects.

A zoom window feature would allow users to accurately zoom into an isolated area to review quickly on projects with a large footprint such as civil or infrastructure projects.
Guest about 1 year ago in Viewer 6 Future consideration

Improve annotation / mark-up tools in the viewer

Stamps, cloud, filled box with transparency.
Guest over 5 years ago in Viewer 7 Future consideration

Batch operations on IFC & PDFs (Opening, Deleting, Downloading)

It takes a lot of time to load each ifc model individually each time in the online viewer. Also, it would be great to have a way to multi-select a batch of ifc or pdf sheet files to delete instead of doing so individually. For high volumes of file...
Guest over 4 years ago in Project files / Viewer 1 Future consideration

To get the snipping tool also in the Newforma platform

Currently the snipping tool is available in the Navisworks plug-in and allows to add an instant snapshot and add it to the comments and so in the viewpoints of an issue. For our company, this feature would be usefull if provided also in the Newfor...
Davide Barbiero 3 months ago in Action item details / Viewer 0 Future consideration

Keep models in the viewer open when leaving and returning back to viewer

If IFC models are turned on in the viewer and the user leaves to use another module, the previous IFCs should remain visible when the user returns. Currently, once you leave the viewer and come back the files are all turned off. It is troublesome ...
Guest 6 months ago in Viewer 0 Future consideration

Veras integration

Generate an image from the model using the AI capabilities of Veras (EvolveLab)
Carl Veillette about 2 months ago in Missing connectors / Viewer 0 Future consideration