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Option to limit the 'Team involved' field to one team

Sometimes issues are sent out to subs who then decide internally who should resolve it. Because of this, the 'team involved' field can be used almost as the 'Assign to' field, thus limiting it to one team would be beneficial.
Guest 12 days ago in Action item details 0 Future consideration

A project role that can only comment on action items, without the ability to modify their attributes.

Currently, Editors have the ability to modify any attributes, while Readers and Reviewers cannot comment. It would be beneficial to introduce a role that restricts the ability to change attributes used for statistics and reports, while still allow...
Guest 2 months ago in Action item details / Hub management / Project settings / Projects management 1 Future consideration

Ability to choose visible columns (and their order) in list views

Columns in the Issues grid can't currently be modified. It would be useful if we could choose the most relevant attributes. For example, one could add teams and labels but remove zones if he doesn't currently need. Reordering the order of those co...
Guest over 6 years ago in Action item details / Action items / Issue board / RFI / Submittal 7 Future consideration

To get the snipping tool also in the Newforma platform

Currently the snipping tool is available in the Navisworks plug-in and allows to add an instant snapshot and add it to the comments and so in the viewpoints of an issue. For our company, this feature would be usefull if provided also in the Newfor...
Davide Barbiero 3 months ago in Action item details / Viewer 0 Future consideration

Edit attribute values from the issue board

Change attribute values in issue grid list view or update an attribute from the issue card.Right now, the question has to be opened, edited and saved again. It would be nice to change anything (status, notifiers, etc.) directly from the thumbnail,...
Guest over 6 years ago in Action item details / Action items / Issue board 0 Future consideration

Allow project admins to customize the order of appearance of attributes within issues

There may be attributes that are more important to the client than others and they would want those attributes to appear in a specific order when displayed for an issue. Currently, there is no way to rearrange the attributes.
Guest 9 months ago in Action item details 0 Future consideration

Date format of an Excel report should be the same as in Issues attributes

No description provided
Guest 7 months ago in Action item details / Action items reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to insert hyperlinks directly in the text

If an issue references a larger document or file that cannot be attached to the issue by uploading, it would be nice to include a working hyperlink within the description and comments that would be clickable when viewed in the web interface or the...
Shawn Sambol over 5 years ago in Action item details 0 Future consideration

Provide a visual feedback when an issue has attachments

On the issue page, the default view of an issue shows the comments section on the right. In order to know if an attachment is associated with this issue, you must go out of your way to click on the attachments tab. Similar to a notification badge ...
Carl Veillette over 6 years ago in Action item details / Action items / Issue board 0 Future consideration

Deep search into content of an IFC file

There is a lot of data contained in an IFC file when we upload into the Konekt viewer. It would be great and very useful if we could search and find result hits from that search within the contents of the IFC files.
Guest over 1 year ago in Action item details 0 Future consideration