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Ability to Keep Track of Users that have enabled SSO

At the moment, SSO cannot be enforced on all users. A way to keep track of users that have enabled SSO would be beneficial for admins.
Guest over 2 years ago in Hub management / Security 2 Planning to implement

Customized Data Retention Policy

Newforma Konekt has a 60-day policy for accidental deletions so users can recover if needed. If Newforma could be define a retention policy within Konekt that after "X" amount of time then the project would be deleted that would be ideal.
Joseph Cox 22 days ago in Security 0 Future consideration

Allow hub and project admins to enforce SSO for all projet/hub members

Please provide a way to force all users on a project/hub to use SSO. This helps simplify admin work when revoking user rights
Guest over 2 years ago in Hub management / Security 2 Future consideration

Fedramp Compliance

Come customers have about 80% government work. They need Newforma Konekt to be fedramp compliant to start investigating the tool.
Guest 7 months ago in General / Security 0 Likely to implement

Cyber Essentials Certification

It's a security standard that is recognised in the UK / Ireland that many GCs require before engaging. (laing o'rourke).
Guest over 3 years ago in Security 0 Future consideration