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Projects management

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A project role that can only comment on action items, without the ability to modify their attributes.

Currently, Editors have the ability to modify any attributes, while Readers and Reviewers cannot comment. It would be beneficial to introduce a role that restricts the ability to change attributes used for statistics and reports, while still allow...
Guest 2 months ago in Action item details / Hub management / Project settings / Projects management 1 Future consideration

Ability to navigate between projects withouth going back to the Projects page (as it was before)

In the past, you had a feature that seems to be retracted now. It previously included arrows, facilitating seamless navigation between different projects . We would like this feature back because we work on multiple projects simultaneously and it ...
Guest 3 months ago in General / Projects management 0 Future consideration

Persist user selection of project list view

As a user, when I choose the project list view of projects, I want that view to display every time I log in so that I get the experience I'm looking for without the extra click of changing the view from the tile view every time. .
Douglas Tower 2 months ago in Projects management 0 Future consideration

More advanced project templates for faster project creation.

Provide a process to create projects using project naming standards, templates and other settings that aren't captured with the template. The idea is to quickly generate projects without to much manual input.
Guest 2 months ago in Project settings / Projects management 0 Future consideration

Automate project creation

Would like the ability to automatically create projects similar to Newforma Project Center (including settings, users, groups, roles etc.)
Guest 2 months ago in General / Projects management 0 Future consideration

Confidential projects

As a Newforma AdministratorI want to make a project confidentialSo I can hide projects from others that are not on the team that are highly confidential and sensitive as required by my firm and the project owner
Guest almost 3 years ago in Project settings / Projects management 0 Planning to implement