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PINNED Connector to acces files on file server
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PINNED Open microsoft files extensions in Office 365
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Connect the email manager to sharepoint

The ability to file emails from sharepoint groups would greatly improve communication management and tracking
Guest about 2 hours ago in Email management 0

connecting to Lucid Link

This is another file share location that I have started to hear.
Guest 7 days ago in Project files 0 Future consideration

File Transfer function like NPC that provides a full project based audit

No description provided
Guest 11 days ago in General 0 Future consideration

Option to limit the 'Team involved' field to one team

Sometimes issues are sent out to subs who then decide internally who should resolve it. Because of this, the 'team involved' field can be used almost as the 'Assign to' field, thus limiting it to one team would be beneficial.
Guest 12 days ago in Action item details 0 Future consideration

Option to disable closed issues on the Metrics page

Under the 'include archived issues', there should be an 'include closed issues' switch. This allows the Metrics page to focus on what is currently unresolved, which is often more useful than having an overview of every single issue.
Guest 12 days ago in Action items metrics 0 Future consideration

Add a Project Admin Role in the Team and Users Area

While Admin is available in Teams and Users, it does not indicate Project Admin (versus Hub Admin). This would be helpful to see at the project team level.
Lori Beekman 12 days ago in Project settings 0 Future consideration

Info Exchange file transfer and audit feature

No description provided
Guest 13 days ago in Project files 0 Future consideration

EDMS connector at the project level to show visual status/prompts.

Show a visual prompt if an EDMS connector link is broken. Or show a visual prompt if other users are linking to a connector on the same project but the current user isn't - this will be an indicator to add that connector to his project since EDMS ...
Guest 18 days ago in Project files 0 Future consideration

Allow for custom keyword lists

Allos hub creation of key word lists for RFI and Submittal status for projects. And also allow for regional differences.
Guest 18 days ago in RFI 0 Future consideration

Poject settings that can be set at the Hub level to propagate to all newly create projects

Be able to configure general project settings at the hub level like:- RFI / Submittal due dates- RFI naming convention- proejct name and number naming convention etc
Guest 19 days ago in General 0 Future consideration