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Compare model versions

Compare model versions for changes related to both geometries and data
Carl Veillette over 6 years ago in Viewer 4 Future consideration

A Rapport 3 connector for NK

Offer a connector with Rapport 3 for projects creation
Peter Allinson 3 months ago in Missing connectors 1 Future consideration

Connector for RFI and Submittals to Trimble Project Site

Have a connecter similar to Procore to work with Trimble Project Site
Guest 9 months ago in Submittal 0 Future consideration

Customize which attributes are displayed within the Add-ons

Would like to customize which attributes are displayed for issues within the add-on.
Guest 8 months ago in Action items connectors 0 Future consideration

Allow for custom keyword lists

Allos hub creation of key word lists for RFI and Submittal status for projects. And also allow for regional differences.
Guest 18 days ago in RFI 0 Future consideration

Poject settings that can be set at the Hub level to propagate to all newly create projects

Be able to configure general project settings at the hub level like:- RFI / Submittal due dates- RFI naming convention- proejct name and number naming convention etc
Guest 19 days ago in General 0 Future consideration

Provide a Project Team / Contact Address Book

No description provided
Guest 19 days ago in Hub management 0 Future consideration

Ability to edit the workflow of a submittal and re-open a closed Submittal (or RFI)

"Oldforma" was able to accomplish this. It wasn't needed a lot, but when it was needed, it was very helpful.
Tara Gilmore 3 months ago in Submittal 0 Future consideration

Customized reporting

Every project has different requirements on reporting, will need the ability to customize reporting,
Guest about 2 months ago in General 0 Future consideration

Capability to remove or delete emails that were filed into the wrong project hub.

I accidently filed emails to the wrong project through the Newforma Konekt Add In feature and it was a lot of files to be in the wrong place. I would like to avoid messiness by being able to remove files misplaced.
Guest about 2 months ago in Email management 1