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DroneDeploy Integration

The integration of Newforma Konekt with DroneDeploy represents a transformative opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual construction models and real-world conditions. This collaboration is poised to unlock unprecedented efficiencies in monit...
Guest 21 days ago in Action items connectors 1 Future consideration

Add an "Apply" and "Clear Properties" buttons on top of the "Filters" window.

In the Navisworks add-in, suggesting to add an "Apply" and "Clear Properties" on top of "Filters" window, instead of scrolling everytime to the bottom of the window, even though most filters are done using only the top section of the window. see b...
Guest 28 days ago in Navisworks 0 Future consideration

Customize which attributes are displayed within the Add-ons

Would like to customize which attributes are displayed for issues within the add-on.
Guest 8 months ago in Action items connectors 0 Future consideration

Restore orignal saved-views markups in Navisworks

When clicking the "View in model" button in the Navisworks Addin, the camera would orient from the active Viewpoint AND every markups would show in the model (not only in the image of the viewpoint)
Guest over 4 years ago in Navisworks 18 Future consideration

Individual Clash Sphere Activation for every viewpoint of Multiple Viewpoints' issues in Revit

In cases involving multiple viewpoints, as is often the case in grouped conflicts, it is currently not possible to activate clash spheres for each viewpoint separately. Regardless of the viewpoint selected, clicking on "Show Clash Pinpoints" activ...
Guest 3 months ago in Action items connectors 0 Future consideration

Fill level and grid lines information in issues from Revit

Support auto-extraction of revit level and grid information.
Guest over 6 years ago in Revit 9 Future consideration

Publish revit linked models

Publish revit linked models & sheets
Guest over 5 years ago in Revit 6 Future consideration

Link an existing Procore RFI to a Newforma Konekt issue

Is there a way to link an issue to an existing RFI in Procore? I see that I can create an RFI, but can link to an existing RFI?
Guest over 4 years ago in Procore 1 Future consideration

Handle custom sized sheets

Customers are using few different types of paper rolls for printing drawings, so and we are using almost 300 different types of custom sheet sizes(Printing software automatically recognize custom title block sizes and print them to the right custo...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Revit 4 Future consideration

Add parameters to the clash sphere

the clash sphere already contain the Clash Guid, the Issue Number and the Issue Title but don't contain any information about the status of the clash (Type, priority, status, asignation). It would be great to be abble to update the clash spere inf...
Guest over 4 years ago in Revit 3 Future consideration